Garage Showroom

Welcome to our garage!  We have added this section to show off some of our favorite (and hottest) vehicles in a 'natural' setting.  This page will feature some of our personal vehicles, as well as some of those we have for sale.  At the bottom of the page you will find links to a special displays.  Unless otherwise specified, these will contain photos and descriptions of vehicles we have customized for our own personal use (and they are not for sale).  We hope you enjoy the photos and if  you have any questions about any of the vehicles please contact us.  Thanks, Corvette Center Ltd.




2014 STINGRAY LT3 (FULLY LOADED) AUTOMATIC.  Click here for more pictures

2014 CONVERTIBLE (LT3) 7-SPEED.  Click here for more pictures



Click here for more pictures


This is the entrance to our two four-car garage storage and display area


This is where we park and have our vehicles on display; our personal drivers, as well as those we have for sale.  If you live on or visit Oahu, please call us for an appointment to view them.


Below are links to 'special displays' of some of our favorite vehicles.  As previously stated, unless otherwise stated, these vehicles are not for sale.  They are provided strictly for your viewing and reading pleasure -- enjoy!

Display # 1:  Custom C5 '53 Corvette

Display # 2:  The 'Caddy Truck'

Display # 3:  Custom 1996 Harley

Display # 4: Billie's Custom 2000 Tahoe

Display # 5:  John Browning's Rolls Royce

Display # 6: Princess Regina Kawananakoa's '71 Triump Stag

Display #7: Custom Bike Built By Paul Yaffe

Display #8: Custom 1939 Coast-to-Coast Street Rod

Display #9: 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo

Display #10: 1939 Ford