'59 Tube Frame Vette

This is the second '59 Corvette we are building for Barrett-Jackson.  This one will have a custom tube frame and will be a frame up built.  It will have a 2006 ZO6 505 hp motor, 6 speed trans, all corvette polished and chrome suspension, a/c,  custom interior, 20" wheels, etc.  Here are a couple of pictures of what we are starting with ...



Here's a couple of pictures of what we started with ...

Prepping the LS7 motor going in the mainland 59' vette.  It will be painted the same  color as the interior, and later, the value covers will be painted the same burnt orange as the vette



Bodies been painted and put back on the frame; motor's installed; a little more assembly and some final touches and she'll be ready for Barrett ...

The side moldings and spears are air brushed on -- just another little detail to set her apart from the rest.  Also, these are not the wheels that will be used; wheels where special ordered from Budnik at the 2006 SEMA show.

Ready for Barrett-Jackson (Scottsdale)